E-Learning & Online Learning Resources

Please refer to the resources below to assist your school in planning for future e-Learning and online learning. This list is not an exhaustive, but will provide information to allow for discussion and planning. See also, https://www.aoptech.org/e-learning-resources.html for additional resources and “how-to’s.”


​Planning Overview & Recommendations
General Resources  |  Technical Resources  |  How-To Resources


  • School Planning Guide – Planning recommendations for administrators, teachers and students, along with tips for online learning.
  • Online Learning Doctrine – Planning support for use by grade band and expectations for teaching and learning.

  • Practical Ed Tech – A streamlined resource for Tips and Tools for Teaching Remotely.  Download a .pdf version of the book or look for tutorials on using Google Hangouts Meet or Zoom for video conferencing.
  • Google Blog – The blog post from Google’s Global Head of Education Impact provides recommendations on how to keep students engaged during e-learning sessions.
  • CDW-G e-Learning Days Resources – A full slate of resources and articles to help support e-learning.
  • Coronavirus Virtual Learning Offers – A spreadsheet with 35 online resources.
  • Wakelet – A curation of online learning resources where companies are primarily responding to the COVID-19 virus and providing resources and support for closed schools.
  • Home Learning Slides – A collection of tools, sites and resources that can support home learning.  Tools are identified by grade and are identified as easy, medium or difficult to set up.
  • Arrupe Virtual Online – A resource from Arrupe Virtual Online, formally Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy, providing general considerations when moving to online learning from traditional environments.
  • Early Years Distance Learning Resources – A spreadsheet of online learning resources for early to middle elementary students.

  • Google Hangouts Meet – Google is rolling out the premium version of Hangouts Meet (online video conferencing) to GSuite customers on July 1st, 2020.  Hangouts Meet allows you to hold a class via video call.  Teachers will be able to record lessons on their computer and post them to a Learning Management System (LMS).  Examples:  Google Classroom, Edmodo, Schoology
  • Preparing Students to Work From Home with Chromebooks – Review information on settings to use Chromebooks for learning for the first time.
  • Zoom – Video conferencing solution.
  • EzTalks – Video conferencing solution.
  • Smart Learning Suite Online – Smart Technologies is offering complimentary access to Smart Learning Suite Online (SLSO) during school closures. The link provided will allow access to the application.