Honors Math

All questions regarding Honors Math can be referred to:
Sister Edward Quinn, Asst. Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment


Program admission for the 2021-2022 School Year                                                                

  • Since we do have standardized testing results for this year, the protocol for accepting students into this program will return to the previous protocol:


  • Standardized testing grades:
    • Math: NP of NCE—90% or above
    • CSI: In the range of 125 (118 or above)
    • Reading: NP of NCE—85% or above


  • Final grades in math:
    • From third grade entering the program in fourth grade: VG or O
    • From Grade 4 entering the program in fifth grade: 93 or above.


  • Final grades in reading: 85 or above for all students


  • Effort grades—4


  • Teacher Recommendation


  • Students beginning the program in Grade 5 should follow the same Terra Nova criteria.



  • Students falling below—but within a five point range of—the above criteria (except CSI) can be considered for probationary status. Once accepted, a letter explaining probationary status is to be sent to the parents, signed, and returned to the school.


  • Honors math forms for students being considered for probationary status in the program should be completed and submitted to the Elementary Math committee as has been done in the past.






Algebra Testing


  • All students who have taken the Algebra I course should take the Scantron Algebra Achievement test. This test is taken several times throughout the year as part of the Performance series.  This test is not just for students entering diocesan high schools, but is our documentation that the student has officially completed a secondary Algebra course at the elementary level.  Students are not excused because they are not entering a diocesan high school.
  • It is not necessary for Honors Math teachers to send the results to the High Schools. Rigby is able to access the reports electronically and forward them to the high schools.    What we do need is simply a list of the Honors Math students and the names of the high school they are attending.  Dr. Rigby will transfer the scores to the high schools.