CSW: February 1 – Celebrate Your Students

What do you do to celebrate your student body?  Do you have events/activities recognizing your student body’s accomplishments?  Do you encourage students to reflect on the benefits of receiving a Catholic education?  All students contribute to your school community no matter how big or small.  Sharing stories allows current families and prospective families to see all of the wonderful opportunities Catholic education can bring.  Make sure you share these stories on your website/social media platforms.

Ideas for Celebrating your Students

  • Have a Dress Down Day.
  • During snack or lunch have a special snack for them (Philly pretzel, water ice, etc.).
  • Make a special video from the faculty and staff.  Kids always love when they see their teachers doing something fun.   This can also be posted on social media.
  • Highlight students’ achievements.  This can also be posted on social media.
  • Wear your school colors.
  • Teacher swap for a class period.  Have your Pre-K teacher do a fun activity with the 3rd grade, etc.
  • Schedule times for older students to do an activity with the younger students.
  • Take pictures and short videos throughout the day highlighting your student body.  Families love seeing pictures of their kids on social media.  When they see pictures they instantly share them so all of their friends and family can see them.
  • Have a “parade” for your students.  Make signs for morning drop-off, balloons, etc.  Celebrate your students.