Catholic Schools Week 2022 – Faith ~ Excellence ~ Service

Schedule of Daily Themes for CSW

Schools celebrate the week with events for the school community, parishioners, and prospective families.  Through these events, your school can promote the value of catholic education and your school’s mission.  CSW can also become part of your retention plan.  Here are some ways to help you start planning and promoting CSW.

  • It is highly recommend to have a Catholic Schools Week Committee to help and support you.  Members of the committee can be faculty, staff, parishioners, alumni, students, parents, board members, etc.
  • Below you will find banners, logos etc. to help with your marketing.
  • Create an Infographic:  A dozen reasons to choose catholic school or a dozen reasons to choose (insert your school).  Below you can find an infographic from the NCEA website.  If you plan on making your own, Canva is a great free website that you can use to make graphics.
  • Start sending out invitations about CSW .  Use your social media platforms, website, and email families.  Make the build-up to CSW fun and engaging! Be creative.  Share your school’s story.
  • Send an email, letter, or phone call to your Pastor to encourage a letter in the bulletin to participate in CSW.  Send this to your current families and prospective families as well.
  • Hang banners, lawn signs, partner with local pizza/deli shops to see if they can put a flyer in all of their take-out orders.

Marketing Materials (to extract images: open the image > right click your mouse > select Save Image As)

Tools You Can Use

  • Canva (free tool to create newsletters and other publications)
  • StickerMule (tool to create stickers)
  • VistaPrint (tool to create cards and other marketing materials)