2022 Archdiocese of Philadelphia Religion Bee

All questions regarding 2022 AOP Religion Bee can be referred to:
Sister Margaret Rose Adams, Asst. Superintendent of Schools

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia is grateful to the Dioceses of Brooklyn and Harrisburg for providing resources to develop the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Religion Bee Contest.

General Information   |   Rules & Regulations   |   Preliminary Questions & Answers

General Information

The Religion Bee is open to students in grades 5-8 who attend one of the 102 Archdiocese of Philadelphia Catholic Elementary Schools and the private schools who work with the Archdiocese.


March 18, 2022, Friday  – Registration due to the Office of Catholic Education

Preliminary Religion Bee

Final Religion Bee

April 8, 2022, Friday at St. John Neumann Shrine, 9:30 AM


  • Each registered school may send one student to the Preliminary Religion Bee.
  • The top five students from the two Preliminary Religion Bees will advance to the Final Religion Bee.


There is no fee for the Religion Bee. Sponsors will provide the necessary funds.


Awards will be given at Preliminary and Final Bees for First Place, Second Place, Third Place, and Two Honorable Mention.  Certificates will be distributed to all participants at the Preliminary and Final Religion Bees.

Preliminary Questions & Answers

Questions and answers for the Religion Bees will be emailed to all schools. They may be copied and distributed to students for study.  These questions and answers will only be used for the first few rounds of the Preliminary Religion Bee.

Additional questions and answers may be purchased at a nominal cost.

Rules & Regulations

  1. The Religion Bee on all levels opens with a prayer.
  2. The Religion Bee is meant to be fun and educational.
  3. Family and friends are encouraged to attend the Religion Bees in support of the participants.
  4. Participants choose numbers and then sit in numerical order. They will answer in the order that they are seated.
  5. Participants may not have papers or other aides with them.
  6. There is no practice round.
  7. Participants have 15 seconds to answer the question that may be repeated once.
  8. Students may not change their answer.
  9. Participants remain in the Religion Bee until two questions are answered incorrectly. The student will leave the Religion Bee at the end of the round in which he/she responded incorrectly to the second questions.
  10. A question will be only given one time. If the child answers it incorrectly, the correct answer will be given and a new question will be given to the next student.
  11. Once there are five participants remaining, the rules change and this is announced.
    • The last five participants will be given the opportunity to draw a number 1-5 and will be seated in this order. All students are on the same level even if some of them answered everything correctly in the previous rounds.
    • Students must answer all questions correctly.
    • If none of the participants answers correctly, all remain in the Religion Bee and a new round begins.
    • If only one participant answers correctly, the participant is given an opportunity to answer the next question correctly. If answered correctly, the participant is declared the winner.  If the participant answers incorrectly, a new round begins with the final participants answering in their original order.
    • Possibly all participants will be asked to write the answer to the same question.
  1. To determine the first, second, third, and honorable mention winners:
    • First place winner is the participant who answers the anticipated winning question first.
    • Second place winner is the person who answers the anticipated winning question in a new round with the remining three participants.
    • Third place winner is the next person who answers the anticipated winning question in a new round with the remaining two participants
    • The remaining participants receives Honorable Mention.
  1. The following roles will be used at the Preliminary and final Religion Bees:
    • Facilitator- Welcomes and opens the Religion Bee with a prayer. Monitors the audience to ensure everyone is acting appropriately. Announces the winners and may preside over awards ceremony.
    • Moderator- The primary role of the moderator is to ask the questions.
    • Three Judge Panel – To rule on questions and/or controversies. The judgment of the majority of the panel is final.
    • Timekeeper – Students have 15 seconds in which to answer each question. As long as the student has begun to answer within 15 seconds of having been asked the question, he/she will be given a reasonable amount of time to complete his/her answer.
    • Scorekeeper – Keeps track of the names of every student in the competition and how many questions each gets correct/incorrect.